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However, in general, other than eating or buying something from the gift shop, there is not too much to do or see if you are not going into the Blue Lagoon. There is no exhibition or museum or anything here. So not really a recommended stop unless you or those you are traveling with are planning to go into the spa. Children age 2 to 13 years old can visit the Blue Lagoon for free.

Children under the age of 8 must wear arm floats in the lagoon, which are available for free on-site. The most popular thing to do inside the Blue Lagoon is to simply soak in the warm milky water while enjoying the unusual scenery and atmosphere. Stand beneath the waterfall and let the hot water pound your shoulders, enjoy a silica mud face mask, take shelter in the steam cave, and have a drink at the swim-up bar. Your entrance includes a free drink from the swim-up bar, so you can relax and enjoy your beverage in the water.

There are also mud mask bars where you can coat your face in the mineral rich mud. Wonderful - English / Cats / Pets & Animal Care: Books

For an extra fee you can get a massage while floating in the water. Outside of the water, you can visit the sauna and steam room. There is also a relaxing viewing area with chairs where you can rest and look out over the lagoon. Note that there is limited space in these areas so you may need to wait your turn if the Blue Lagoon is busy during your visit.

You can stay at the Blue Lagoon as long as you like, from your scheduled entrance time until closing. Most people spend 2 to 4 hours at the lagoon, relaxing in the various pools and spas, and many break to have a drink or meal. We recommend allowing at least 2 hours at the Blue Lagoon to have enough time to really enjoy the pools.

Remember that some of your time will be taken up by standing in line to gain entry, changing, showering, drying off, and getting ready to leave. The least popular, and therefor least crowded and least expensive, times of day to visit the lagoon are first thing in the morning, and late in the evening. For the least crowds and lowest prices, we recommend booking a time slot in the morning around opening time. For those who want to visit in the evening, just note that if you book a late time slot, you will have more limited time.

So be sure to double check closing time to make sure you will have enough time to enjoy your visit. However, many people choose to visit the Blue Lagoon later in the afternoon or early evening as a place to relax after a busy day out and about. It can be the perfect place to wind down after a long day of travel or sightseeing.

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Note that although a lot of people do visit the Blue Lagoon each day, the timed entry and large size, means that it can absorb crowds fairly well. It covers a large area so you can usually almost always find an area of the lagoon that is not crowded.

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The Blue Lagoon is open all year round and there are pros and cons to visiting in different seasons. The water temperature itself stays about the same year-round so it is only the air temperature that is different across the seasons. In the summer the lagoon is open until or in the evening and the midnight sun means it will still be light outside. In the winter, there is a strong juxtaposition between the cold air and the warm water that many people enjoy. The water looks extra steamy and inviting.

In the winter you even have a small chance of seeing the Northern Lights if you stay past nightfall. But you also have to contend with a greater possibility of rain or snow, and it is chilly getting in and out of the lagoon. The least busy time of the year in Iceland is normally the Spring months, so this can be a great time to visit the Blue Lagoon and Iceland if you are wanting to avoid the crowds.

Its a really nice temperature and feels like slipping into a hot bath. The Blue Lagoon holds approximately 9 million liters of geothermal seawater which is naturally renewed about every 2 days. The water is rich in a number of minerals, primarily salt, silica, and algae. But the Blue Lagoon contains a number of naturally-occurring minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, chlorine, and fluorine.

You can read more about the chemical composition of the waters in this research article.

The Blue Lagoon is actually a bit of a misnomer. Silica radiates more blue in daylight than other colors, so the reflection of the sky on the water makes the pool appear a glowing blue color. This means that on overcast days the pool will not look to be as vividly blue as it does on clear ones. Also note that the water does not always look blue, as sometimes it tends to look more green than blue depending on the mineral content and light. Many people bring in a waterproof action camera or their smartphone into the pool.

If you plan to bring your phone into the Blue Lagoon we recommend getting a waterproof phone case , these are relatively inexpensive and can help protect your smartphone from the steam and water. We would not recommend bringing a regular camera into the Blue Lagoon unless you have it in a waterproof case or pouch that fits your camera as it is likely to get wet and could be ruined by the steam from the pools. Yes, the Blue Lagoon offers luggage storage facilities.

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So if you are traveling to or from the airport and need to leave your luggage, you can do so. The luggage facility storage building is located next to the carpark. There is a small fee per suitcase or bag ISK per bag at last check. Be sure to keep your baggage claim ticket somewhere safe in your locker to be able to retrieve your bags. If you are visiting the Blue Lagoon on a time crunch have to catch a flight or bus be sure to allow extra time if checking luggage here.

The well cat book: the classic comprehensive handbook of cat care [1996]

It can take an extra 20 minutes to get through the luggage check desk and to then get your luggage before you leave if there is a large number of people checking luggage at the same time. The Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon is a more upscale dining experience that overlooks the lagoon. Reservations are recommended if you wish to dine here. Most diners dine in their bathrobe over their swimwear here within the spa. The newest fine dining option is the Moss Restaurant which offers a modern take on classic Icelandic cuisine.

The restaurant only serves dinner, with various 5- and 7-course tasting menus on offer starting at 13, ISK per person. Reservations essential. You can find out more about the various dining options and make reservations here. Yes, a towel is provided to each guest with the cost of admission to the Blue Lagoon. This is for your use throughout your time at the Blue Lagoon and must be returned before you leave.

If you book the Premium or Luxury packages, then your entrance also includes a bathrobe and slippers. However, we recommend just using the free towel provided as otherwise you will have wet towels to take home with you. The main Blue Lagoon changing areas are divided by sex, there is one large changing area for men and a separate one for women. The locker room and changing area at the Blue Lagoon consists of a few large open rooms filled with lockers and benches. There are also some mirrors and hair dryers you can use here.

The shower area is mostly open showers but there are also more private showers where you have curtains. Soap, shampoo, and shower gel are provided. You will see signs asking you to follow the Icelandic public spa etiquette before entering the waters of the Blue Lagoon. Icelanders take cleanliness and swimming pool hygiene very seriously to keep their swimming pools clean and free from bacteria. If you are timid about being naked in public, there are a handful of modesty changing stalls in the locker room area that you can use.

There are also now a number of showers with curtains or screens that you can use—previously there were very few showers with curtains but they seem to have increased the number over the years. It is much quicker and easier to just change in the public area, but you can definitely visit the Blue Lagoon without getting nude in public if you wish. Getting the package with a bathrobe or bringing your own may also help you feel more comfortable as you make you way from the locker room to shower to pool.

Those who pay for this package can change and shower in private and have access to nicer showers and amenities. They also have access to a separate pool, spa area, and dining area. Unlike many of the regular pools in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon does not offer swimsuit driers. However, there are free plastic bags in the changing rooms where you can put your wet swimsuits. We have been to several public pools in Iceland and most of them have wall mounted centrifugal swimsuit driers in the locker rooms.

So we were surprised they were not available here. So we asked why and were told that this is because of the mineral content of the water which can ruin both the driers and your swimsuit.

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Drying the silica onto your swimsuit can ruin the fabric. The silica in the water is not great for your swimsuit, so be sure to rinse it out while or after you take a shower. We recommend that you rinse your bathing suit in the shower, then squeeze out as much water as you can, and then store in one of the provided plastic bags in the changing rooms.

If you are looking for a more secure or environmentally-friendly option to store your wet items during your trip, consider a breathable wet bag like this one. The Blue Lagoon is wheelchair accessible! There is disabled parking available and the entire main complex is wheelchair accessible. The lagoon itself can be accessed directly with specially designed wheelchairs which they will provide upon request.

Guests who require special assistance are allowed to bring along a companion to assist them free of charge. If you have questions about accessibility or whether particular special needs can be accommodated, I would recommend calling the Blue Lagoon in advance before booking to be sure a visit is right for you. The are many additional spa services available at the Blue Lagoon for an additional price. Some of these include:.

In the s clinical studies supported that the waters of the Blue Lagoon can be beneficial to those suffering from psoriasis and a clinic was established here. Today, those suffering from psoriasis can enjoy the regular areas and treatments at the pool or can book special treatments designed for psoriasis. You can read more about the available treatments and make booking for the clinical treatments here.

Note that clinical treatments for psoriasis at the Blue Lagoon may be covered by insurance for some visitors. The Silica Hotel offers access to a private lagoon and private verandas that overlook either the lava fields or the mountains. Rooms start at around ISK 65, a night. It is attached to the Retreat Spa and offers access to the private spa lagoon and the Retreat Spa. All suites at the Retreat Hotel open out to the moss fields or onto the lagoon. Rooms start at ISK , a night. The most expensive suite even has its own private lagoon pool!

There are a number of places to see near and within a short driving distance of the Blue Lagoon. We have a lot of content on Iceland across our two travel blogs, and have many more articles planned. We would recommend starting out with our Iceland trip planning guide to decide how you want to travel in Iceland and when you want to go. For suggestions on things to do and itinerary planning, you can see our 3 day stopover itinerary , 7 day Iceland itinerary , and 1 week Ring Road itinerary. We also have articles on Iceland winter driving tips , best guided tours in Iceland , Iceland on a budget tips , best day trips from Reykjavik , best winter activities in Iceland , Game of Thrones locations , where to see puffins in Iceland , best waterfalls in Iceland , suggested winter packing list , and many more.

We have traveled in Iceland in both summer and winter, and have traveled through most of the country so if you have any questions after reading through our articles, feel free to leave us a Comment with any questions! The Blue Lagoon is very visitor friendly, even for people who have never visited a public bath before. But if you want to be prepared for exactly how to visit the Blue Lagoon, here is a step-by-step guide of what to expect when you go:.

The well cat book : the classic comprehensive handbook of cat care

Note: The above is, of course, subject to change but it should give you a really good idea of what to expect and how to be prepared for your visit. Our visit was in the morning around opening time in winter. We had our reservations booked and the line to check-in was short. We did the Comfort Package which included the towel, one free drink, and silica mud mask.

We went our separate ways to go to the designated changing area one for men and one for women. There were lots of free lockers and showers in the changing area, and electronic bracelets were easy to use to open and close lockers. There was free shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner in dispensers to use in the showers. The weather was freezing when we visited so we both quickly deposited our towels and sandals on the towel racks and raced into the hot water. The water felt nice, especially on such a cold morning. The bottom is soft on your toes with all the silica and minerals. So you may or may not get the same white towel back.

We would not recommend leaving anything valuable wallet, keys, camera, phone, jewelry, etc. There are a number of staff around the pool who are serving as lifeguards, drink servers, security, providing massages, etc. So if you have a question or concern, you can find a staff member without having to go back inside. Many of the staff members were wearing yellow safety vests. Laurence and I floated around and explored the different areas of the spa. We spent a couple hours in the pool, had fun with the silica mud masks, took a few bad selfie photos, and drank tasty blueberry fruit smoothies.

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This is a book every cat caregiver should have. A full of useful information to help your cats have healthy, happy life. Instead of always relying on the vet and pharmaceutical, there are many things we can do to keep them healthy. Highly, highly recommended!