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Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. James Cagney played a driver who tries to keep his younger brother away from the sport, with tragic results.

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Tiger Shark starred Edward G. Robinson as a good-hearted Portuguese fisherman who helplessly watches his young bride fall in love with another man. Although The… ….

Great Dance Routine: James Cagney and Bob Hope

The melodrama Mary Stevens, M. Brown, rounded out for Bacon. History at your fingertips. However, it did not fare well, and after a few years, was back at Warner Bros. Cagney was as active and persistent in his personal life as he was in his professional life.

Rage in motion

He and Billie adopted two children, and he remained faithful to her until his death from a heart attack on March 30, He fought to gain and protect rights for actors, becoming the 50th member of the Screen Actors Guild, serving on the board for a decade before becoming its president in As a part of the Guild, he fought Mafia interest in the movie history; legend has it there was a gang hit on him that actor George Raft stopped. He was very active politically, and was influential in stopping studios from taxing actors and then sending underhanded financial support to a political candidate.

Many actors, including Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood , have pointed to Cagney as a powerful influence. You can keep changing your predictions as often as you like until just before winners are announced on September And join in the fun debate over the Emmys taking place right now with Hollywood insiders in our television forums. Emmy Awards Predictions.

William Jerome Cagney March 26, — January 3, was an American film producer and actor, remembered for roles in the Monogram Pictures films Lost in the Stratosphere and Flirting with Danger , both filmed in He was credited as an associate producer on Yankee Doodle Dandy , and he also handled his brother's business affairs, negotiating several of his Hollywood studio contracts.

Cagney was married to actress Boots Mallory until He died on January 3, , nearly two years after his brother, in Newport Beach, California , aged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American film producer and actor. New York City , U.

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